Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We have THE dress!

I spent last week in Kentucky for work and when I am there, I always try and fit in some wedding planning. 

This trip was dedicated to finding my wedding dress. I had made 3 appointments for Saturday because I wanted to make sure I could see as many dresses as possible while I was in town. 

My mom  and my "2nd Mom", Mrs. Richards came with me as well as my two bridesmaids who still live in Kentucky: Kadi and Jessica. 

When we got to Rebecca's Wedding Boutique I was anticipating just finding the style of dresses that I liked, that fit me well, etc. However, much to my surprise, I found THE dress. 

Our consultant, Therese, was wonderful and was the reason I even found my dress. We had pulled several dresses and she would listen to what I liked/disliked about each dress. After trying on 4 dresses, she told me she had to  pull one more that she thought I needed to try. After putting this new dress on, I just knew it was perfect! 

I am so glad I had the support of family and friends there and it was so special finding my dress with them. I desperately want to show Matt (I won't... don't worry people!), so I think that is a good sign that I LOVE the dress. I can't wait to see his reaction! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014: The Transition from Ms. to Mrs.

It's our wedding year! 

We have been booking our vendors, working on guest lists and finding crazy good deals on decorations. However, the most important thing we did was ask some amazing people to stand beside us as we say our vows. 

Matt asked an exceptional group of guys to stand beside him and I could not be more proud and blessed to have these lovely ladies stand beside me:

Happy New Year!! (Photo dump from end of 2013)

It has been quite some time since I posted... sorry! We had a busy end of 2013 that included:

- Trip to Pittsburgh 
- Thanksgiving in Kentucky
- Work trip in Denver
- Mickey's Very Merry Christmas at Disney
- Christmas Baking & Decorating
- Shopping for Wedding Decorations (less than 1 year!) 
- Christmas Celebrations in Florida & Kentucky

I have lots of good pictures to share so this is my way of catching you all up on the last couple of months! Enjoy :

(Minus pictures of our awesome visit with Kyle & Ashley... I need to get those off of Matt's camera!)

(Cathedral of Learning on Pitt's Campus)

(the original wall at Forbes Field, also where I lost my purse and realized it about 45 minutes later. Thank goodness for honest people in this world!)

(Original Spot of Home Plate at Forbes Field including where Bill Mazeroski hit the home run in Game 7 to win the World Series in 1960.)

(Went to the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game - Pitt won! Matt is now Dad's official good luck charm. Ugh oh!)

(It was cold - had to break out the moon boots.)


(We had lots of fun with our friends Cheryl & Doug at the Florida football game. I also want to note that this picture was taken AFTER our visit to Pittsburgh. We went from a freezing football game one weekend to shorts and tshirts the next weekend at a game!)


I spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky with family but surprisingly only took pictures of the puppies. Whoops.

(Tyson's toy fits around Bingo's neck. He really is our little ray of sunshine!)


It was VERY cold but I got to visit with one of my favorite people - DB!

DECEMBER IN FLORIDA: Disney, Baking, Decorating

Before                                                                After

Snickerdoodle bread: a MUST make. 

Outside Decorations

Had such a wonderful time with my family and friends! Sadly, I didn't take pictures with my brothers or our night out with our Kentucky friends. However, some very nice people got me a camera for Christmas so I'll be taking more (and nicer!) pictures in 2014!

Happy new year to you all!