Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We have THE dress!

I spent last week in Kentucky for work and when I am there, I always try and fit in some wedding planning. 

This trip was dedicated to finding my wedding dress. I had made 3 appointments for Saturday because I wanted to make sure I could see as many dresses as possible while I was in town. 

My mom  and my "2nd Mom", Mrs. Richards came with me as well as my two bridesmaids who still live in Kentucky: Kadi and Jessica. 

When we got to Rebecca's Wedding Boutique I was anticipating just finding the style of dresses that I liked, that fit me well, etc. However, much to my surprise, I found THE dress. 

Our consultant, Therese, was wonderful and was the reason I even found my dress. We had pulled several dresses and she would listen to what I liked/disliked about each dress. After trying on 4 dresses, she told me she had to  pull one more that she thought I needed to try. After putting this new dress on, I just knew it was perfect! 

I am so glad I had the support of family and friends there and it was so special finding my dress with them. I desperately want to show Matt (I won't... don't worry people!), so I think that is a good sign that I LOVE the dress. I can't wait to see his reaction! 

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