Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Taste of Fall for the New Florida Girl

If you know me, you know I love fall and nothing beats fall in Kentucky. The leaves begin to change, you get perfect 70 degree weather and it is the season for boots and sweaters without having to bundle up too much. PERFECTION. 

Since it is still in the 90's here and "fall" in Florida won't come for a couple more months, I am REALLY looking forward to my work trip to San Francisco. I leave Saturday for a week and I get to break out my sweaters and scarves for this trip. I may be over packing but I want to get to wear all my "fall" outfits in just one short week. Nothing wrong with a few "wardrobe changes".

Just take a look at this amazing fall weather I will be experiencing next week:

I have LOTS of sweaters and scarves to get my through the colder months but my boots have seen better days. Trust me, some of those bad boys had to retire when I was cleaning out my closet for my move. So, to kick off my favorite season, I ordered these beauties and they arrived TODAY - just in time to make the trip out west with me! 

No judgement, I am wearing them now at my desk just to "break them in" but don't worry, I will make sure I get a picture of them next week when I'm in San Francisco. :) 

While I am traveling for work, this is one conference where work and fun go hand in hand: I will be seeing Maroon 5 in concert AND going on a night tour of Alcatraz. This girl is SO excited! As an added bonus Matt's parents, brother and sister-in-law will be in San Fran the same week so I will get to grab dinner one night with some of my favorite people! 

It is going to be quite the week, just wish Matt could go with me! I am going to get him to tag along on a work trip one of these days. 


  1. Love the boots! Where'd you get them?

  2. Right?? They are great. I broke them out in San Francisco last week and fell in love each time I wore them. They are Sam Edelman - Penny Boot - Whiskey Color. The "Whiskey" held me up for a minute but I decide to refer to them as a "bourbon" color.