Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Heart Hondas

First off, let me apologize for my blogging hiatus. I have no excuse other than I promise we have been busy. Matt always says he is "on the go" and now that I am in Florida I think I have adopted his schedule! :) 

We have been spending lots of time with family and friends, watching some football, having awesome game nights, going to Run Club and then every now and then I do a little thing called work. Kidding, I promise I do work. A LOT. In fact, I think when you work form home you are more tempted to work at all hours of the day. Matt will get home and I'll often say "just let me finish this one thing" and then spend another hour at my desk.

Long story short, we have been busy but a very good busy. 

When I moved down to Florida almost a month ago I left behind something very special to me... my first car! She was a beauty and got me through high school, college, road trips and even started me off in the professional world. It was a great 10 years in the old civic but I knew she was getting old and taking her on a 14 hour drive to Florida didn't seem like the best idea. Instead, I decided to sell her in Kentucky and buy a new car after I moved. 

It didn't take Matt and I long to find a car that we loved. With Matt's BIG truck we both knew we needed one car that had good gas mileage and we were debating between the Volkswagen Passat and the Honda Accord. Both great cars that are well built and hold their value. I'll be honest, I thought I would have walked away with the Passat but after we both drove the new Accord we fell in love. I was just going to make a slight upgrade from the Civic to the Accord.

After deciding on the car, we got to work trying to get the best deal. Now I think we had perfect timing buying a car - end of the month - end of the model year - but we also were excellent negotiators. We called MANY Honda dealers and were getting quotes from all of them. It wasn't pretty, involved several headaches but we did it! We got an offer that was so good, 2 other Honda dealers told us that if we could buy it at that price we should go do it. 

On our way to pick up my new car I was feeling anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time. I told Matt "I feel like I am on my way to adopt a baby" to which he just rolled his eyes but hey, that's how I felt. ;) 

We spent several hours at the dealership and at least one of those hours consisted of us saying "No, I don't want the extra extended super protected warranty". I was very proud of us for not falling for their "traps". It was the first time buying a car for both of us and I think we did an exceptional job. 

So, without further ado, I introduce to you my brand new car! 

I'm a mighty proud momma car owner. ;)

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