Friday, October 18, 2013

From My Old Kentucky Home

I am in Kentucky for work this week but thankfully that means I also get to see my family this week too! When I booked my trip on Southwest they asked me if this trip was "for business or pleasure?" and I happily said "BOTH!" :)

My trip so far has included a great day tailgating for the Bama/UK football game. Even though we lost, I still can take away a few victories: 

1. We were tied 0-0 at the end of the 1st Quarter. Improvement. 
2. I got to tailgate with great friends and my younger brother, Doug. 
3. I got to wear my new boots! 

I also got to catch up with everyone at work. It is nice being able to work remotely but nothing beats seeing everyone and having face-to-face meetings. Plus, I work with a pretty amazing group of people so my week was full of laughs! 

I am staying in Louisville this week and commuting to Lexington each day for work. While 3 hours in a car each day isn't fun, I do like to "jam" on my commutes. Something you don't do when you work at home! So I got my fill in this week and officially have a new favorite song:

Going to spend the rest of the weekend with my family, friends and these cuties: 

(Bingo had a tiny health scare so his poor little legs are shaved. We think putting him in a Steelers hat made him feel so much better! And Lacey wouldn't be Lacey if she wasn't playing in an empty box!)

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 


  1. What!? No Big Blue Madness? I think everyone I know is there.

  2. No, not this year!! I watched it from a distance :(