Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let The Celebrations Continue!

Last night we had a wonderful engagement dinner with Matt's family (my future family!) and a few of our Florida friends. 

We spent the evening at one of our favorite restaurants, Cooper's Hawk. It is seriously delicious and I want to order like 10 different things every time I go. (Check out their website if one is near you, go now. You'll thank me later. lol)

I desperately need to invest in a camera, especially now that we are starting the wedding process. I want to be able to capture all these precious moments for us. However, for now, the old trusty iPhone will have to do and this is the only picture I took last night:

I leave this Friday to head back to Kentucky (woohoo!). A great perk about working remotely and having your office headquartered in Kentucky is that every now and then you get to go BACK to Kentucky for work and also see family and friends.

I am SO looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends, just wish Matt could make the trip with me! 

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